How To Make A Beautiful Portfolio Website 2020




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Hey my name is James from Websites Made Easy in this video I’m gonna show you how do you can create a beautiful portfolio website step-by-step and customize it however you want with simple dragon drop it’s easy and fun and it’s only gonna take you 20 minutes so let’s get into it

The goal is for you to create a captivating portfolio website so you can stand out from the crowd! A website designed to highlight your best work, so you look like an expert right from the start.

So What’s your site about?

Consulting, restaurant, coaching, fashion blogger, online store, fitness..

This will help you get clear on some ideas for your website design and layout

Next, what is your goal for your website?

Sell products, market yourself. Build a community, showcase your work or expertise, is it blogging..

This will help you get clear on a specific goal or outcome for your website.

And lastly, you simply pick your starting point.

Get started with any of these free starter sites and customize it to fit your needs..

Your portfolio defines who you are in your chosen niche. It defines the type of work you do as well as the quality of the work you do.

Look, there’s no reason to make this more complicated, overwhelming, and intimidating then it needs to be.

most people and companies have the website creation process wrong.

And I finally figured out how to do it, right.

I finally figured out how to get people to actually complete their website.

See the old way of creating a website was to start off with blank canvas..,

Which is intimidating and overwhelming.

You just have this blank screen staring back at you.. and you don’t know what to do or what to say.

And that is horrible.

And almost no one finishes it.

I’ve been teaching people like you to create there website since 2012 and this is the biggest problem

and most people just don’t complete it…

It becomes too overwhelming..

Good news there’s another way…

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