Event Planning

Event Planning





This Course is a very important for future event planners / event organisers as it focuses on ‘Event Planning,’ on the basis of which an event can be made a success. Event opportunity assessment for understanding client’s objectives and needs, feasibility assessment of an event, bidding, and developing a winning event proposal, are crucial to event planning. An understanding of legal issues and contracts in the context of events is important, and so are risks and risk management process.The Course unfolds various aspects of event designing. It is very important for an event planner to design an event with unique elements, interspersing creativity and technology to generate the desired positive and meaningful consumer experience. Effective management of human resources starts with human resource planning process. The Course further provides knowledge on event logistics which is all about getting things organized, getting things and customers in the right place, and tearing everything down. Most of the time logistics planning focuses on setting up and changing sets. The logistics manager needs to plan the work flow to such a practical level that makes all its aspects feasible. Likewise entertainment elements when added into events make the event experience last long. Hence entertainment management process is important.For those who plan to have a career in event management, this Course is a booster. Also useful for those who are already engaged in event management or for those who want to start their own event business. Course Credit 4




Week 1

Getting to know your client

Week 2

Getting to know your client

Week 3

Feasibility assessment of the event

Week 4

Bidding for Events-I Components and criteria for winning bids

Week 5

Bidding for events-II Event Proposal

Week 6

Laws, permits and Licenses in Event Management

Week 7


Week 8

Event risk management-I Norms and policy

Week 9

Event risk management-I Norms and policy

Week 10

Event risk management-II Process and control

Week 11

Event design

Week 12

Event design

Week 13

Event planning

Week 14

Human resource planning

Week 15

Planning of logistics

Week 16

Entertainment planning

Taught by

Prof. Heena K. Bijli

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