2D Animation with CSS3 Animations Live Example + Projects




Publisher : Faizan ali zafar

Course Language : Urdu

CSS3, and along with it, CSS Animations were released a few years ago, and they’ve have made your learning process MUCH easier. 

If you know the very basics of HTML and CSS, which anyone who has anything to do with coding/web design does, you’re all set. 

Spend a few hours learning a bunch of CSS3 Animation syntaxes, and you’ll be creating awesome web effects and keyframe animations in no time at all!

Anyone can become a web animator now.

Note : Course Languages: Urdu/Hindi

How is this course designed?  

Our course has 4 Section, where each module will thoroughly explain the intricacies of one of the concepts in CSS Animations with a wealth of over-the-shoulder examples.  

Section 1 – Transformations 

Section 2. Transition Animations in CSS3

Section 3. Keyframe animations in CSS3 + 1 mini project

Section 4. Projects

Examples and projects:-

Animated button  Animated colored box  Moving ball animation mini project  

This Course Is Apply in –

  1. Freelance web developer/designer 
  2. web apps and web pages
  3. Animated scenes  – Moving balls, Bouncing balls 
  4. web games more interactive 

What will you learn in our course?  

Course Content

Section 1. Transforming your website’s elements using CSS

1. Section Introduction

2. Translating elements using CSS3

3. Translating elements using CSS3 Part 2 CSS3 Prefixes

4. Translating elements using CSS3 Part 3

5. Rotating elements using CSS3

6. Rotating elements using CSS3 – part 2

7. Scaling elements using CSS3

8. Skewing elements using CSS3

9. Matrix property

10. Adding multiple transformations effects to a single element

Section 2. Transition Animations in CSS3

1. Section Introduction

2. Creating basic transitions

3. Change more than one property or style during a transition

4. Using transformations with transitions

5. Delaying a transition

6. Apply speed curves to your transition

7. Transition shorthand

Section 3. Keyframe animations in CSS3 + 1 mini project

1. Section Introduction

2. Creating a keyframe

3. Keyframes with percentages -multiple intermediate states

4. Multiple animationstyle changes with one keyframe

5. Delaying the keyframe animation

6. Specifying the number of times the animation should repeat

7. Speed curve of the keyframe animation

8. Speed curve – Cubic Bezier funtion

9. Mini project – Moving ball animation part 1

10. Mini project – Moving ball animation – part 2

11. Direction of the animation

12. Pausing or running the animation

13. Animation fill mode property

14. Animation shorthand property

15. Applying multiple animations

    keyframes on one element

Section 4. Projects

1. HTML5 building blocks of the fish tank animation

2. Finish designing the fish tank animation web page

3. Animate the fishes using keyframes

4. Animate the bubbles using keyframes

5. Project #2 – Card Flipping Project

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and embark into the wonderful world of CSS aimations.  

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