Edit Your Photo & Your Video With (photomatix Pro/camtasia)





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Edit Your Photo & Your Video With (photomatix Pro/camtasia)

A course for beginners to edit your photos and edit videos in two minutes – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Reduce picture noise
  • Edit brightness
  • Edit tonal range compression
  • contrast adaptation


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When you take a photo with the phone or with a camera, it’s like eating a meal without salt.

Let me explain: the photo taken must be retouched to prepare all the ingredients for a professional photo.

I mean by ingredients the following:

All the native photos contain noises, so you have to reduce this noise.
Adjust Brightness
Adjust Total range compression
Adjust Contrast adaptation
And You can create ” HDR images ” if you want !!

So in this short course, we will present you professional software, which can be used easily by amateurs, and achieve expected results in two minutes maximum

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