Introduction To Music Symbols (grade 1, Level 1)





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Introduction To Music Symbols (grade 1, Level 1)

Course 1 in “How To Learn Music As A Foreign Language” (The Most Comprehensive Course on Music Theory) – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • learn and understand the essential elements of my approach to practice.
  • readily recognize and identify the different music symbols as the basic foundation in learning music as a foreign language.
  • learn and understand the five most common types of music notes and rests with their corresponding values. read and remember the notes on both the treble and bass musical staves.
  • learn and understand the main function of the grand staff and the leger lines.
  • learn and understand the basic use and the different types of bar lines and repeat signs.
  • learn more about how to count the eighth notes and how to group them together
  • learn and practice the three simple time signatures most commonly used in music.
  • learn and understand dotted notes, lead-in notes, staccato, legato and ties.
  • learn and understand the basic components and properties that make musical notes sound pleasing to the ear including dynamics in playing or singing, changes in volume and tempo, proper use of accidentals, and transpositions.


  • This course does not require students to have prior knowledge about music or music theory; however, an open and a teachable mind is paramount in order to maximize learning.
  • It would certainly help if the student has ready access to a keyboard instrument, digital piano, or guitar in order to test some of the exercises in this course.


Introduction toMusic Symbols (Grade 1, Level 1) is the first course in a series of 8 courses with the objective ofteaching music as a foreign language. The entire 8 courses are divided into different grade levels based onthefourcategories of learners, namely, (1)Beginner, (2)Intermediate, (3) Advanced, and (4) Professional.

Author(s): Ben Noynay, MUSIC TEACHER

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