Transforming Your Life Using Seed System





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Transforming Your Life Using Seed System

How to overcome your current challenges in life with this ancient Principle – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to transforming our Life in this Era
  • What’s preventing us to Succeed
  • How to overcome Financial Challenges
  • How to manage our Relationship Problems
  • How to overcome Physical Health Issues
  • How to prevent No Inner Peace of Mind


  • NONE
  • Able to understand English
  • Eagerly Looking For Solutions to Change their life


This 6 series of video course would serve as fundamental of Seed System where it derived from Ancient Tibetan teaching and practices by the monks dated back since Buddha era. Originally this practices only meant and confined for ordained monks and empowered practitioner of Buddhist.

Today, thanks to many high lama and great teachers especially Michael Roach who spend 25 years at Sera Mey Monastery in India studied this ancient Principle. In today modern world, this principle again was being made known to lay-man understand suit our busy lifestyle by Geshe Michael.

Knowing most people would face difficulty of understanding, as his student and many other great teachers in spiritually, I have condensed the fundamental into 6 series of videos for a start. In the event, you want to implement this into your life and reversing all your current problems, you are welcome to contact me further.

Taking this principle one step further, I have extended this ancient principle knowledge co-relate into 2 more dimensions. In total triangular model, we have 3 dimensions to take care, namely:-

1. Ancient Principle of Seed System
2. Management of Change in today’s world (Change Management)
3. Coaching & Intervention

To help you further we have a paid diligent program that required habitual change initiative that spread across 3 months where I will personally lead you as a coach to challenge your thoughts, make you accountable, encouraging you further, putting you on the spot and many more types of intervention which I have developed since 2005.

Author(s): Desmond Sim

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