Beginner Weight Lifting: Upper/lower Body Split Training





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Beginner Weight Lifting: Upper/lower Body Split Training

Get a perfect intro to weight lifting. Focusing mostly on compound exercises in this program to build muscle & lost fat. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Look the best they ever have
  • Know how to navigate their way around the gym
  • Know how to use the gym equipment safely
  • Know correct lifting techniques when weightlifting
  • Know the correct foods to eat
  • Know the right amount of food to eat


  • Where to find their local gym
  • Where to find their local grocery store or restaurant that will provide the correct foods to eat
  • Know the right apparel to be wearing to the gym, including safe and appropriate footwear


A Beginners Guide to Effective Weight Training with an Upper/Lower Body Split Training Program!

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Take Control of Your Fitness…. Upper/Lower body split training takes dedication, drive, and consistency. If you haven’t taken the challenge, it’s time to leave the locker room and step into the gym.

So what’s so different about this program?

I will be with you every step of the way!

I give you a video, for every single training day. Plus meal and supplement recommendations. Along with a few little extras along the way.

You see, when I was working as a Fitness Professional, I discovered there were too many “Wannabe’s” out there.

They were given a Fitness Certificate because they knew the theory, but what they didn’t know, was how to do it themselves.

I am talking about personal trainers who are FAT teaching people to lose weight, or trainers who are SCRAWNY teaching people to get ripped.


Why the hell would you listen to someone who can’t do it themselves. And that should be the same with everything in life.

So, as with everything I do in my life, I put my money where my mouth is. If I cannot do it, then I do not teach it.

Now the biggest problem in the fitness industry, is everything contradicts itself, and everyone tries to over complicate things.

The program we will be doing together is going to be simple, but TOUGH! Be prepared to feel sick in the stomach and light-headed after every workout.

Simplicity makes it easier to get into the habit. Getting into the habit changes your life FOREVER!

You will be:


If you don’t turn heads now, you soon will. You will be noticed by your local restaurant staff, by the girls you always see and the hotties in the nightclub.

How do I know?

After only 4 weeks of doing this program, this began happening to me.

So imagine what it will be like after 12 weeks.

Everyone taking this course will learn how to Lose Fat, Build and Gain Huge Amounts Of Muscle. Also Boost Cardiovascular Health, Increase Mental Health, Reach and Sustain Form. As well as Increase General Health, Reduce Stress and will help you stay Disease Free.

Gain Weight if you are too skinny with my nutrition lean bulk diet

Build Muscle with a proper training split program

Increase Energy and life vitality by simply following each video

Too skinny? No problem, we will bulk you up into a ripped beast. Too Fat? Perfect, you will shred all of that fat and turn it to pure muscle. Never Trained Before? Too easy, we’ve got you! Every step of the way You will receive all updates free of charge. It really is too good to miss right now. So don’t leave this page without purchasing the program first.

Even if you do not want to start yet, purchase it now as you have lifetime access.

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See you on the inside.

Author(s): Mitch Asser

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