Learning Yoga Made Easy





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Learning Yoga Made Easy

44 Panchatantra stories that will make your kids wise and smart! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to teach Yoga to kids in a fun and creative way
  • Stories have always been an exciting way to teach any complex subject.
  • Panchatantra stories (like Aesop fables) that give the message of Yoga values
  • Since Yoga originated from India, children can understand the logic behind yoga practices through stories


  • No prerequisites


India is not only the land of mythology, but is also the birthplace of Yoga, Ayurveda, spirituality, tolerance, universal brotherhood and rational thinking. Stories have always caught the imagination of man and have helped make concepts easy to understand. Even the Puranas that came after the Vedas had the chief purpose of explaining the hidden gems of wisdom from the Vedas in the form of stories.

Children as well as storytellers around the world have always been fascinated with the Panchatantra series like Aesop fables, attributed to Pandit Vishnu rd Sharma in the 3 century BCE. Through these 44 stories we are going to teach kids complex concepts like the deeper meaning of Yoga, the causes of mental fluctuations, types of mind, attainment of liberation, union of individual and universal consciousness and much more. These thoughts help create a transformation and positive outlook towards life making them a healthy individual with balanced mind.

Let’s expand the minds of kids beyond traditional asanas and exercises of Yoga!

Author(s): Dr Vikas Chothe

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